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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yarning Along...


...with Ginny.

I almost skipped this week, but I really wanted to post because I finished up last week's scarf and have gotten started on another. I had an appointment for a stress electrocardiogram (routine torture) this morning at 9:45 which really threw a wrench into my day. The light was too dim this morning to get a picture, but this afternoon it's a little bit brighter (though not by much -- snow clouds have threatened all day).

I finished the scarf I was making for myself last week. You might remember it was a simple k1p1 pattern like the one I made my son's girlfriend. I used a solid color, and then after I was finished I decided to add a little crocheted scallop at the ends. Because the purls hide between the knits, when I cast off this scarf it tends to flair. My cast-on edge had not flaired so much, so I thought the scallop would hide a little of that. I am pleased with it and it's very, very comfortable. It is pictured with the coat I made it to wear with. The knit part is made with Knit Picks' Shine Worsted in Creme Brulee and the crocheted part is the same yarn in Fedora -- a very pretty rich chocolate brown.

As soon as I finished the scarf I picked up another pattern for a scarf I am making for Faith (my 8 yo daughter). I have never knit a lace before and I admit this one is really complicated (for me). There are no repeats in the pattern for the most part, so there is no hope in me remembering it, and I have to refer to the written pattern constantly. Paired with this white yarn that splits, I'm not having a lot of fun with this project, but it's good practice. I am hopeful that blocking it will flatten out some of the bumps -- are laces supposed to do that, or is it my yarn or technique? I can't remember what the yarn is, because I pulled it from my stash. I think this pattern would be better served by something less fuzzy.

My read is the same from last week ( Meet Edith Stein) though I am about two-thirds finished. It is really a good book about St. Theresa Benedicta. She was a very intelligent woman -- highly educated -- and though she was not a devout Jew as an adult, it was still quite a leap for her to Catholicism, much less to the Carmelite convent. I think her case is a good one for showing that those around you, though they may not preach, their example of faith is extraordinary evangelization.

Join Ginny for more knitting and reading.


  1. Both are very lovely scarves. I'm partial to lace, so I like Faith's a lot! It's not your knitting; it needs to be blocked. I'm learning a lot about blocking: how to do it, and why to do it. Here's a good scarf blocking tutorial, in case you haven't seen it.


  2. The lace is lovely!

  3. your scarf turned out so pretty, I love the edging and the white one is gorgeous!

  4. I really like how your scarf turned out, Barbara. The edging is a nice touch.

  5. I really like both scarves. The lace pattern is lovely.

    A while back you mentioned that the knit-picks needles were worth the expense. Guess what I got for Christmas? The sampler set! (one of each style)I especially like the wood ones. They are so pretty.

  6. Thanks, Sara. And thanks for the tutorial.

    Thanks, Jenletts. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it's moving along quickly.

    Thanks so much, Meredith.

    Thank you, Sarah. I am pleased as well.

    Oh, Jenny. You lucky lady! I love the harmony needles so much. One of the stitches on the lace scarf is k3tog and those harmony needles make it so easy.

  7. Your scarf is lovely - the scallop is the perfect finishing touch, like a little dip of chocolate on just the edge of a butter cookie. And the lace one is just beautiful.

  8. I love the yellow scarf...and the lace looks beautiful too. I have never done lace either, but one day.

  9. beautiful scarves. both of them.
    that lace is so girly...and white. love that white. i've always wanted to read about edith stein...i may look into that.
    (my girl has always struggled with her times tables. my mom did too. i, on the other hand, memorized them all very quickly, so it has always been frustrating for me to understand why she can't just memorize them. but every one is different. and you are the BEST teacher ever! (in my opinion anyway! :)


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