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Phil 4:6-7

Saturday, January 15, 2011

To Do Tidbits -- Taking Stock

I can't figure it out, but every year, right after the new year begins, I start itching to buy some new clothes. This is very puzzling to me for several reasons: first, because I don't actually like to shop; second, I don't really care that much about clothes; third, because it's not just myself that I want to shop for -- it's Faith, it's my husband, and I even start eying clothes the boys would wear -- and they care less about clothes than I do.

It's really very odd, but it's a very strong compulsion and I'm not always successful in fighting it.

Yesterday, I was window shopping online, and I suddenly had an inkling of what might help curb the compulsion -- cleaning up and taking inventory. I know deep down that we don't need a thing in the clothing department, except maybe some socks for the boys, but over the holidays I got behind in laundry and ironing, and now things are scattered hither and yon, with a backlog of ironing sitting in baskets in the laundry room. Some of these clothes I haven't even seen in a month. I know if I get everything clean and put where it belongs, I will see how much we have.

So, if you get the itch about this time of year, to acquire some new things, but you know you don't need them, you have a To Do list this weekend, or at the beginning of the week:

Have the kids gather up all the dirty clothes -- including balled up socks that are stuck under the beds and behind the dressers.

Get every dirty item washed, dried and put back where it belongs -- I know this might be a big job for you -- ask for help!

Iron all the wrinkled things that you have hanging or folded in baskets and hang them in their respective closets.

As you put things away, pull out damaged and outgrown clothes and either discard them (give away or throw away) or put them in a mending pile (if you do the latter -- don't let them languish -- deal with them soon!)

Take stock of all you have and write down what is really needed. The next time you have the time to shop, get only what you really need.

And this post will soon be followed up with a laundry series, in which I tell you how to take the very best care of the clothes that you have and make them last.



  1. It's really a mind game. :) After we clean, iron, and put away every piece of dirty laundry, then root through to get rid of all the pieces we no longer want we're so sick and tired of dealing with laundry we vow to not bring anymore into the house at the present time. :)

    I think all these lovely catalogs (with midseason/spring attire) that start arriving the week after Christmas make me "think" my family needs more clothing....we really don't.

  2. Cheryl,
    I think you're right about all that handling -- that will curb spending if nothing else! I don't look at any catalogs, so I can't blame them. ;-)

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Of course, I lack in the bottom half of my body clothes because to buy for that end of myself is . . . well, depressing. I have a big butt and I'm determined to lose weight. I had joined WW before, but wonder if it really would work for me because I just need to exercise regularly. I eat pretty good - not too much and not so much of the bad stuff. I've cut back as far as I'm willing. Now I just have to MOVE. So, today, I was at the mall with Teenie trying to find her everyday sandals. No luck. But, we found tops! I have plenty of nice tops to wear with my jeans (of which, I have three; and I have three pair of nice slacks). That seems enough, unless one gets caught w/out clean ones! LOL! I am trying to love my body for what it is at the moment, but I'm determined to get it to where I love it more by respecting it. I need to drop a serious 30 pounds, but my goals are 10 at a time. Please pray for me that I not loose my determination.

    Anyway, what a spiel! It was all I could do not to go bananas, though, when walking through Macy's. Ugh.

  4. Sarah, I have very clothes as well, but as long as I do laundry everyday it's all good! I think every one wishes their body looked differently than it does. It doesn't seem to matter what I do -- my body likes to be the way it is!


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