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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yarning Along...


 ...with Ginny.

I have several projects on needles right now, all in varying stages. Hopefully I'll get them all done by Christmas. So far not a cookie has been baked, a gift been wrapped, and the Christmas cards are still a work in progress. I think I may have waited a bit too long for everything this year.

Anyway, because I left off last time with this project I'll focus on it today. It is a scarf for my son's girlfriend and it would be done now except I ran out of yarn. Urg. I hate it when that happens. I am now awaiting an order from Knit Picks to pick up where I left off. It's just a pattern I am making up and using a k1p1 stitch throughout. I really like the k1p1 for a scarf because not only is it thick and sort of scrunchy, but the k1p1 hide the switch of colors. I have to tell you I never really did a very good job at connecting colors and in the past have even been known to knot yarn (gasp!), but I found a great new way to start a new color and you can find it here --scroll down to Joining a New Color Yarn and watch the video for Double Knit In Join-- it's awesome. Again, how did we manage to learn to knit without the internet (because neither my mother, grandmother or any aunts have ever knit)? I taught myself how to knit using the continental method on that website, and I've learned every other step since on video.

The scarf yarn is Knit Picks DK Gloss in Black and Peapod. It's very soft and not a bit itchy. I have not yet decided if I am going to put a fringe on the bottom of the scarf -- what do you think?

I haven't really picked up a book since I finished True Devotion, but we have been reading Christmas books every day in school. This one, This is the Star, is a favorite and I was contemplating taking turns reading parts of it out loud on Christmas Eve when my family gathers. It makes me cry, however, and I'd rather not cry in front of every one on Christmas Eve!

Click over to Ginny for more knitters and readers.



  1. I've used some of that dk gloss before. It's very nice. Very cute project. Good luck finishing all your projects!

  2. It is a very pretty scarf! I'm going to run out of yarn soon for my daughers sweater and I'm hoping to be able to make a new order and time the yarn coming in with my needing.

  3. the scarf is beautiful for what you already have done! What a lucky girl.

  4. Great scarf! I hope to be able to make something like that someday. I just need to learn how to do a purl stitch first. ;)

  5. I think it is a beautiful scarf and I vote yes on the fringe! I have taught myself to knit from books and now thankfully the internet and youtube. I am a very visual person and the video tutorials are awesome. I will have to check out the link you included.

  6. Love, Love, Love the internet for knitting help! Totally agree with you there!!!

  7. No wrapping done here either, and I haven't even BOUGHT any cards. Maybe they'll go out in time for Epiphany!

  8. Thanks, Joy. I'm knitting as much as possible!

    Appledapple, Fortunately Knit Picks moves pretty quickly!

    Thank you, Sarah. I hope she thinks so.

    Purl is easy, Sarah. Just go to knittinghelp.com !

    Thanks, Jen. I am thinking fringe. I was thinking of sewing buttons on the bottom, but they might hurt if they blow in her face. ;-)

    S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen, It's awesome isn't it?

    Thanks for the support, Barb. This year I am thinking if it doesn't get done, it just doesn't get done. And everyone loves Steak and Shake gift cards right? ;-)

  9. i am a sucker for books that make me cry....

    love those colors on that scarf. as for fringe, i don't care for it personally.
    but that's just little ol' me!
    xo to you.

  10. It's beautiful! I think it almost looks like double knitting (like the kind found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_knitting)

    Amazing work!

  11. Love the green yarn you used in your scarf and I vote for fringe to :) I love scarves with fringe *grin*.

    Haha, to funny about the cookies. They are a bit of a pain to cut out and every year I say I won't make them again but they are just to darn good to leave out of my holiday baking LOL. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  12. The scarf looks great. I just looove those colors. I'm pretty sure I already said that last week. BUT, we are SO behind and doing anything Christmas-y. No tree up yet. No REAL cookies baked yet (I made some Christmas imposter cookies, but it won't be Christmas until I make my special Swiss cookies), and I actually made and sent off the only Christmas gift I'm in charge of for this year. Sounds so crazy, doesn't it? But I think it will all come together...hopefully by Sunday!


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