Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Yarning Along...


 ...with Ginny.

Coming in a little late here, but better late then ever, eh?

Before I get to my book and current project, I want to share with you my last project because I finished it and then blocked it. This was a major deal -- not the finishing, but the blocking. I confess I have never blocked before. When I finished this scarf, however, I knew that it was just not right and desperately needed to be blocked. I looked it up online (What did we do without the internet? I guess we asked our girlfriends.) and I was very pleased to find out how easy it is. I think wool especially needs to be blocked. I think the scarf turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself. I know that my 18-year-old niece Rachel will not appreciate the painstaking care I took to make sure every stitch was just so, but that's o.k. -- I know.

I apologize that the light in my house was so dull. It rained all day yesterday and then today it snowed, so we haven't really had adequate light for a couple days. I turned on an overhead light to take this picture, but still, it's poor.


Hopefully you can see, in the second picture, the color of the yarn. I bought two skeins and because it's hand dyed, they are different. Manos recommends that you alternate rows, using each skein throughout, but it was a challenge for me to knit this scarf, without dealing with two skeins. I'm fine with the color difference. I think it's kind of neat that you can see the difference and, hence, the fact that they are unique (the yarn is Manos Silk Blend in Woodland). The first pic is the down vest for which I picked the yarn. Rachel is going to school to learn photojournalism and I think every photojournalist needs a down vest. Rachel is a hot pink kinda girl. She is also the kinda girl that will appreciate that the yarn is made by a rural artisan in Uruguay. This particular yarn was dyed by a woman named Lielian, as she signed the card that came with it. Cool, huh?

By the way, the pattern is here (Easy Drop Stitch Scarf under Free Patterns in the sidebar).

My newest project is another scarf that I am making for my son's girlfriend. It is a k1p1 pattern even though you can only see the knits. The k1p1 keeps it from curling, however, and makes it feel nice and thick. I am going to make up my own stripe, alternating with black, and making it more black than green in the center. The yarn is from Knit Picks -- it's Gloss DK in peapod and black.

My book is True Devotion to Mary. I really haven't been reading anything else, and I make my consecration next week on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so I'll be finishing it up this week.



  1. Your knits are lovely! St. Louis De Montfort is deep reading, but soo good if your able to grasp it. Sometimes I can and other times I'm at a loss!

  2. I love that scarf. I remember it from the last yarn along. I think the pattern is just so pretty. I also LOVE the green new one you're working on.

  3. I LOVE the scarf. And, I'm going to have to start blocking my work. I haven't been but I mostly work with cotton.

    That green is just delicious!

  4. All the best to you on your Consecration! Thanks for the link to the Parishable homilies! Are you from La Crosse? We're practically neighbors! You must love Bishop Callahan-we sure do miss him here in Milwaukee!

  5. appledapple,
    I am fortunate that our associate pastor is leading the way in the True Devotion, and getting me over some of those big hurdles.

    Thanks Elisa. I think another one of those scarves is in my future! ;-)

    I could not believe what a huge difference blocking made in the appearance of the scarf. Huge! I don't know how long it will last being scrunched up around my niece's neck, but at least it will look nice in the box!

    Father Victor is in Wisconsin now, but I came to know him when he was in seminary in my town -- a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. He was at the Pontifical College Josephinum and served as deacon at our parish for a year. He is really a fabulous homilist!

  6. The scarf turned out beautifully and looks great with the vest. I also like the green color for your next scarf.

    How wonderful to make your consecration on such a wonderful feast day! I am excited for you.

  7. That scarf is nothing less than gorgeous!!

  8. Beautiful scarf - I love the pattern and colors. The green one is lovely too.

  9. Hi Barbara!
    First, I love your header. It is SO hard to take a picture of the Advent wreath that looks like what it looks like!
    Second, lovely scarf. I have a stockpile of knitted items that need to be blocked. Nothing as delicate as that beautiful scarf, though!
    And the other scarf is stunning in a different way!

  10. Sarah,
    Thank you. You're so kind. ;-)

    Thanks, Ginny. We'll see how the second one turns out. I'm not too sure right now.

    Sarah, You're sweet.

    That means a lot. Thanks.

    Thank you, Cheryl. The green one may or may not get finished the way it was planned. ;-)

    Thanks, Leila. I really enjoyed seeing the transformation that occurred when I blocked that scarf.


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