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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, October 15, 2010

The County Fair


We had a beautiful day in central Ohio for the county fair. We traveled a fer bit to get to the fair of my husband's childhood. Though I did not go to fairs as a child (church festivals, yes, county fairs, no) I can certainly appreciate one, especially those with lots of 4-H animals to see and good old-fashioned fair food (corn dogs and elephant ears for me).

After we left the fairgrounds, Doug and the two children climbed to the top of Mt. Pleasant, a local geographic landmark adjacent to the fairgrounds. Click on the link to see the mount from the bottom. Because I am afraid of heights, I sat in the car and worked on some knitting.

The rules on the chalkboard of the one-room schoolhouse on the fairgrounds. I like #1 and #2 best.

Both kids played one game each and Faith won the cpc* tiara that is seen in all the other pictures. Sigh.

Noah won the two pieces of paper that he shot up with BBs -- woohoo!

I love the Sycamore trees that grace these fairgrounds.

Doug took this picture of my daughter standing outside the safety rail, for which he got two really hard slugs in the arm.

* cheap plastic crap


  1. Yay Fairfield County Fair!
    I went to Pickerington High School after 9 years of Catholic school--and the fact that we got "fair day" off (which, I believe, was today for the school kids) cracked me up!

  2. Outside the safety rail? I'd have killed him---he got off easy with just 2 slugs.

  3. I'm with Sara . . . Holy crap! That's more than a little drop!!! I'd have gone up just for 'control issues' . . . I don't generally like heights either.

  4. Emily,
    We ran into Doug's aunt and uncle at the fair and they had two of their grandkids from Pickerington schools -- who were off school for the fair. Now, I know there has to be maybe one fraction of one percent of those kids who are "country" kids. Crazy!

    I should have killed him, but instead he lost my trust. Which is worse?

    I wish I could have gone up for "control" but I didn't want my kids to see me lose control, which I would have about 1/4 of the way up. Just couldn't do it. I'm just glad they enjoyed because they are never doing it again. ;-)

  5. Love those views from Mt Pleasant!!

    Love your term "CPC"


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