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Phil 4:6-7

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Pantry

Alrighty then. You asked, so I'll show. I'm fairly embarrassed by the condition of my pantry before I organized, but I suppose it's a good renovation "before" and "after."

The story behind the pantry is that when we moved to this house, this was the laundry room. Or laundry closet, I should say. So, it is large enough for a side-by-side washer and dryer. It's just a few short steps from my stove and refrigerator, however, which is just too close for laundry, in my opinion. I have sanitation issues with dirty clothes being moved around in the same room where I prepare meals. It's just really close. So we moved the laundry space to the dungeon and sealed off the plumbing in the laundry closet. We hung shelves and moved the food in. We have an electrical outlet there, which is convenient for plugging in a cordless sweeper.

Unfortunately with the doors on you really can't get the true effect. Just imagine double the mess pictured.

The problem was, after years (12 years) of use, the shelves started to sag in the middle and they were so deep that stuff would actually get lost in there. During our mini-renovation (which involved removing wallpaper from the kitchen and painting the walls), Doug took down the shelves and patched the holes they had made. I painted the closet and we purchased some commercial grade chrome shelves -- a tall one with the same number of shelves we had, and essentially the same amount of space, and a small one to place sideways to hold some small appliances and extra serving pieces that needed a new home.

Before the doors were re-hung. The glass jars on the top shelf are these, and the plastic handled containers holding the paper products are these -- very cool and great for holding several small things..

I'm very happy with the outcome. It's nothing glam, but it's very functional, more so than it had been in the last five years or so. It had become a collecting place for many things that didn't need to reside there, so just removing everything and putting it back (or not) made a a huge difference. Thinking about what I really wanted in there helped. I moved my baking supplies from a smaller pantry on the other side of the refrigerator and that made a huge difference in how efficient I can be in the kitchen. We often don't really think about how we use things when we decide where they belong and I'll try not to make that mistake again.



  1. Looks actually inviting in the accessible sense. (does that make sense?) I really despise those plastic coated wire shelves, especially for pantries. ANYTHING on them makes them sag pretty quickly.

    Amazing how organizing something that feels and looks cluttered can actually make us feel better too, doesn't it?

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  3. Having keyboard issues -- just wanted to say the closet looks fabulous! I envy all that space - in one space. :D My kitchen *pantry* is scattered throughout many a cupboard.

    I have a similar closet set-up on our 3rd floor, but to vent/plumb it is labor and cost extensive...so I do my wash in the dungeon too.

    I spy throwback mt. dew. I bought a few to stash away.

    I so enjoy and am uplifted by your blog!!

    In Christ!

  4. Teresa, It is amazing how you can feel better about a whole room because of one closet. Just knowing it's tidy, even behind doors, makes me happy.

    Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. I realize I am fortunate to have such a big space. I also think the amount of space contributes to its own messiness!
    Holmes on Homes (do you ever watch him on HGTV?) says turning upstairs space into a laundry room is not a good idea because the structure was not built to withstand all the vibration from the machines. Also a big mess if water ever spilled over/out.
    Yes -- throwback Mountain Dew -- my honey bought on a whim. We don't usually have Mountain Dew in the house.

  5. sigh . . . love the pantry . . . I have dreams about a pantry, and I know how sad that makes me sound ;).

    Our laundry "closet" was on the second floor, but we turned it into a bigger linen/storage closet because my dad (an insurance adjuster) said the same things as Holmes. upstairs laundry rooms are not good news in a structural sense. My dad had lots of claims with severe water damage to entire first floors from upstairs laundry rooms. We moved the whole laundry operation to the basement, where I can wash in the cool, semi-dark any time I want to :).

    Great job on the pantry . . . one day I will have one! Hopefully before all the kids are grown and I don't need it anymore. :)

  6. I forgot to mention I like the label of "dumb dog" in the bottom corner. Every time my husband thinks of getting that type of dog, I clearly think of you guys.

    You gave me the inspiration to clean out my computer room and art supplies. I'll have to take pics of when I'm finished and put it up on my blog to show you! Thanks!!!!! :)

  7. Oh it's beautiful! The after picture almost looks like an ad for the Container Store. I agree: it always makes me feel good to have even a closet clean and organized.

  8. It's really funny in gov't housing. I have an excellent laundry room upstairs - right where it needs to be. I have a four bedroom home and a tiny arsed closet of a pantry. Lucky we bought one and brought it w/ us from MD. It is tucked in the corner of our dining room - but, I still don't like the tiny pantry - it's deep, too, so almost useless. What do the three bedroom homes get around here? A DOUBLE pantry!!! Oh, and even though the laundry rooms are downstairs, they are still not in the kitchen (a pet peeve of mine, generally) . . . but they also have a kick-butt downstairs 1/2 bath - mine is so narrow, you almost have to back in. Silly! But, true. Why can't they take the best elements of the designs from each house and make them all the same? That's contract work for you I guess.

    Anyway, LOVELY job on the pantry!!!!!

  9. Barbara, your "new" pantry looks great! My pantry is a narrow deep nightmare where items get pushed into the back and are lost forever. It's awful and I know a woman did not design it....;(

  10. Excellent makeover! I live for a good organization project.


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