Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


From today's Divine Intimacy, "Diligence." Especially for those who are (ironically) discerning time spent at the computer. Bolded emphasis is mine.


"Diligence is the application of the soul in the prompt performance of good works. It makes man like the angels who fly with wonderful speed to fulfill God's commands" (Ven. John of Jesus Mary). Promptness in doing good works is a special characteristic of diligence.

A negligent person goes to his work unwillingly, slowly, and with needless delay, whereas the diligent man hastens to it cheerfully, with promptness and concern. The prompt doing of a thing that should be done, even when it would be more convenient to do something else, is the fruit of diligence. Above all, one who is bound to a definite rule of life, either privately or in a community, must observe it punctually and exactly. In fact, any rule which has been approved by one who represents God, is, for the soul who is bound to it, a manifestation of the divine will, which must be carried out without delay or postponement. Punctuality exacts self-discipline and detachment; it often asks us to interrupt some interesting, pleasant work in order to give ourselves to another kind, perhaps less attractive or less important. However, it would be a great mistake to esteem our duties and to dedicate ourselves to them according to the attraction we have for them or according to their more or less apparent importance. All is important and beautiful when it is the expression of the will of God, and the soul who wishes to live in this holy will at every minute of the day, will never omit the slightest act prescribed by its rule of life. To prolong what we are doing beyond the prescribed time, or to dispense ourselves from a duty without serious reason, is to abandon the will of God; it shows an attachment to our own will, and often enough, to our own convenience.

"O Lord, meditating in Your presence, I understand that the best remedy for carelessness and laxity in performing my duties in charity. I must strive to do everything for love, with the special intention of pleasing You.

"How gracious of You, my God, and how fortunate for me, a poor nothing, to be able to work in order to please You! This thought makes me want to sacrifice everything with joy. O Lord, Your words console me and renew my youth as an eagle's! Yes, sometimes I succeed better and more surely by repeating to myself: 'Do this because it is pleasing to God,' instead of simply saying, 'It is my duty" (cf. Bl. M. Therese Soubiran).

Hand copy as many times as deemed necessary for complete comprehension. ;-) "To prolong what we are doing beyond the prescribed time, or to dispense ourselves from a duty without serious reason, is to abandon the will of God; it shows an attachment to our own will, and often enough, to our own convenience."



  1. (Telecommuter who doesn't like her job here) I'm going to turn back around to my work computer now. :)

  2. I needed this today. I've needed this for months. Thanks. Off to do some hand copying.

  3. oh. oh oh oh.

    And I am reading this on my BLOG BREAK. Oh man, super convicted.

    Where is my good Sharpie pen for the copying? . . .

  4. Sorry you don't like your job, Sheila. Prayers for better things to come.

    I'm glad I posted it then. Although I think we all need it.

    You are so good. Brat. ;-)

    It's a big club, babes. And you're in good company. :-)

  5. Oh, I do want to be clear. I'm very blessed with the job I have. I am treated well, I work with people that I count as friends, and can work from home. There are just a lot of other things that I would rather be doing than my job! (sewing projects, cooking projects, reading good blogs, etc.)

  6. **SMACK**

    That was the brick that God threw at my head smacking me.

    Thank you for sharing this. It's the conviction I needed today!

  7. You'll notice I'm a few weeks behind... methinks I REALLY needed to read this today. Talk about putting things into perspective!


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