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Phil 4:6-7

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Buckeye

It's official. The letter arrived yesterday, inviting my oldest son to admission at The Ohio State University. We will soon have another Buckeye in the house.

And somehow I will have to come to grips with the fact that he's actually going away to college. Even if it is only 25 minutes away.



  1. Congratulations to your good young man! Having had two young ladies more than 3 hours away and now having one 25 minutes away--you'll appreciate the accessibility of OSU. And so will he!

  2. Congratulations!
    I will put aside football rivalries to wish him all the best as he begins his higher-education adventure! :)

  3. Congratulations Barbara! At least he'll be close! I was 5000 miles away from my family and it was nothing but bad news! ;-)

  4. Woohoo! Many congrats! Now that he is there, maybe the Bucks will take the Championship Title next year...maybe he's been the missing link ;-) LOL

    God Bless him on his education adventure! Will he be living at home or will he be in the dorms?


  5. Thanks, friends, for your hardy congratulations.

    Deborah, I agree that close is good. However, his plan is a year abroad, Germany likely, so I'll be in the same boat at some point!

    Tracy, the plan is to live in the dorm, but we'll see how much money comes through.

  6. Congratulations! I agree that a 25 minute away college would be right up my alley. How nice that such a good school is so close by!

    God Bless,

  7. Congratulations!!!


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