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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Vacation Pictures

Or not. Well, it's not really a vacation. But, as my husband keeps reminding me, when you don't go on a "real" vacation, the whole summer is vacation (there is such a thing as too long a vacation, folks). So, here are some pictures from our busy summer weekend "vacation."

Friday night we went to our parish festival. Lots of rides and games, mom had a beer (what's a church festival without a beer -- even a cheap domestic one!), and candy and ice cream!

The fishy ride, which Peach spied in the parking lot earlier in the week
and couldn't wait to get on.

Peach riding the swings. She could have stayed on all night!

The younger boys (Michael and Francis) riding.

Saturday we went to visit family at Lake St. Mary. The kids had a great time fishing and swimming, and I spent the day rocking an infant (sorry honey, I'm holding the baby!).

The three youngest all caught fish within minutes of casting their line.
There was some secret recipe bait -- gonna have to get that secret recipe somehow!
Michael's big catch -- a nasty catfish.

Francis' first catch of the day. I'm not sure we ever identified this one.

Peach caught two fish -- both catfish I think. Quite the fisherwoman
(very unlike her mother). I just noticed that she wasn't wearing her life vest. Tsk, tsk!

Peach's second catch of the day. She wasn't too thrilled with his looks.
(Francis -- left-- and Anthony -- right)

Peach splashing in the Lake St. Mary.
The beach was great because you wade out for 10 to 20 feet

and the water was still below an adult's knee.

Michael wading (and likely waiting for a good opportunity to splash his sister).

Francis and Peach shucking corn with grandpa.


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