Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunny Tuesday Daybook

In the garden...

...What's in the garden? It's been so long since I've done a Daybook, and yet, the answer to this question is essentially the same -- weeds and whatever perennials came back. I didn't even plant annuals in pots this year, so the yard, though green from all the rain, is rather bare. The orange day lilies brightened things up a bit, and the hostas are blooming. Our roses took a hit this past winter, so they are not blooming much -- hopefully they'll be stronger next year. Hopefully I'll feel like gardening at some point this year. Between the wedding and my broken old body, gardening just isn't a priority.

Noah took some photos at the botanical park up the street though, so I have a few pretty pictures.

I'm thinking about...
...sometimes a lot and sometimes almost nothing. I go back and forth between worrying about everything and blowing everything off. I don't know if that's because it's summer, or brain fog. I often worry that I have memory issues, but I can usually remember something when it matters, so I think it's just summer and I need a break from thinking.

I am wearing...

...a yellow floral skirt and orange v-neck with sandals. I've been wearing the same summer skirts for three years and I'm tired of them, but they haven't worn out and I am too lazy to sew more.

I am reading....
...Crash: A Mother, A Son, and the Journey from Gried to Gratitude. I just started it two nights ago, but so far it's a riveting story. I have stayed up way past my bedtime for two nights just because it keeps me interested and I don't get drowsy reading it.

I am creating...
...I have several projects, as always. 

I am altering a ball gown -- if you can believe that. It's a gorgeous gown -- I'll get photos before I give it back to its owner. I'm doing it as a favor for a friend. It looks like Cinderella's gown and the young girl who is going to wear it is just slightly bustier than the gown (a size 0/1). So I am creating a v-shaped center to the front of the dress, which will involve beads and sequins. I know -- another dress? More beads and sequins?But it's so beautiful and my friend's mother bought it for $22 at a thrift store in Brooklyn.

I am making a rosary for an auction at Ohio Dominican University -- my husband's employer and Noah's future university. More on that later.

I'm sewing a scapular, and a baby quilt.

So, there's always a project to work on. I just go from one thing to another. And, of course there's always something on the knitting needles. This is what I just finished:

In the kitchen...
...tonight: brats on the grill and I'm headed to the farm market for some yummy summer produce.

At the school table...
...still doing math and English every week day. And I need to make some big decisions about next year.

Around the house...

...not much unless you count loads of dirty laundry as much. Noah and I had orientation this past weekend and laundry backed up. He is going to Ohio Dominican University and commuting from home -- at least for the first year. I was impressed at orientation. I'm not sure what I expected but compared to Ohio State -- this place is like sending your child away to good friends. The faculty are very involved and almost all classes are very small. It's what Noah needs.

Pic of a pic -- I look like a short little old lady, but I am 5'6" and Noah is 6'4":

Plans for the rest of the week...

...cooking for a family at church on Thursday is all that's on my calendar. Happy face.

A few of my favorite things...

...the farm market during the summer
...pink baby sweaters
...citrus iced tea

Prayers sent heavenward...

...for my husband and children, to do God's will every day
...for all priests and religious, especially our priests Fr. Sill and Fr. Schmit, and for Fr. Howe
...all babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion, for a change of heart
...for friends who have asked for prayers

Photos for the day..

...doesn't this look refreshing?

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  1. Barbara,
    I love when you do a daybook! I am considering doing the same over at The Peaceful Haven. I love the picture of you and Noah and I love the baby sweater...have you ever considered teaching a knitting class for homeschooled girls? Finally, I would love to have your recipe for citrus iced tea! Is that enough love's for today? :)

    1. The key is the Salada Green Tea Citrus Medley (I find it at Marc's -- not sure about Kroger), made with a little honey and poured over ice!


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