Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Distraction Daybook

In the backyard... 

...the annuals are still blooming and green (at least most of them -- the marigolds did miserably, I just can't grow them), but the lettuce in pots is tired and I am slowly replacing them with mums. The grass is getting a little brown but it looks a lot better than in most years. My day lilies pooped out early this year and the greens are brown and wilted. Not hot enough for them maybe? The surprise flowers this year were snapdragons, in yellow and pink, and they are so pretty and still blooming like crazy.

It stormed for a short while last night (just as we were falling asleep -- do you love falling asleep to gentle thunder and rain, too?), so the ground is nice and wet and no watering today. I checked the weather and we are to have a high of 73 degrees today. Oh joy! (Really, no sarcasm.) And there is a wonderful breeze blowing through the back screen, giving me some lovely nature music as it blows through the treetops. I am so glad we didn't spend money on a pool membership this year. Between Memorial Day, when it opened, and last weekend, when it closed (not a long season) there were not a lot of hot days. My kinda summer. Who needs Vermont?

What's going through my mind...

...well, like the title says, distraction, distraction, distraction. What's that about, you say? You know that post last week when I mentioned my racing heart? Well, my heart climbed a mountain on Friday when I barely got out of bed for fear of moving, and then gradually it's come back down and this morning I almost feel normal. I don't know what's going on. I had an EKG Thursday and it was normal. My pulse is relatively normal (I try not to check it except when I am tempted to call 911 and then it's normal). I suspect it's anxiety, but yesterday I had an ache in my chest that went straight through to my back. For hours. No one has a heart attack for hours, so it's not a heart attack, but I have a four-hour stress test tomorrow just to check the old ticker, and make sure there's not a big clog in my arteries. So today I am distracting myself from thinking about it (or anything else for that matter). I have physical therapy at 1, and then Faith and I will take a nice drive through the country to get to the farm market we love.

In the school room...

...the only thing on the agenda today is to make my book list formal so I can send in my letter of request for exemption of compulsory attendance for Faith.

On the table...

...we've been eating mostly whatever I get at the farm market, and today I think I make a summer succotash and some grilled chicken. I have used a few recipes from Simplified Pantry, but, really, it's kind of hard to make grilled chicken incredibly exciting. Maybe I'll top them with some chopped tomatoes and basil tonight, yum. Fresh peaches from the farm market are in a bowl on the table and are a wonderful dessert. Maybe I'll grill some tonight.

Today I am wearing...

...a light green and blue cotton skirt, blue tee, and sandals. I have a new chain (in this style in copper and silver) with a beautiful vintage medal of Our Blessed Mother. Also sporting a new haircut.

I am reading...

...listening to Cranford on Playaway, and reading several books at the same time -- Misremembered Man on my Kindle and Almost Amish in paperback.

Around the house...

...there are just four of us now. It just about killed me to let Doug move Joshua into his apartment on Friday, but there was no way I could help. I went down on Sunday, though, and he had it all organized and everything put away. He was proud of himself, too, so, I guess, in the end, it was all for the best.

I am creating....

...several St. Michael chaplets
...a dozen or more scapulars
....a baby mobile for my cousin Amy with the cutest little wool felt birds

I am hoping...

...for good results tomorrow, but mostly an end to the feeling in my chest (clearly I am not a saint)

"Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you, remember Christ crucified and be silent." St. John of the Cross

Prayers sent heavenward for...

...my husband and children
...my cousin Amy and her little girl -- baby is breech and won't turn (Amy had a version last week with no success) so she is scheduled to have a c-section on the 20th -- Feast of St. Bernard, greatly devoted to the Blessed Mother
...our priests and religious
...all the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, for a change of heart

Photo of the day....

She has reached an age where it is more enjoyable to stick out one's tongue for a photo than to smile. Sigh. 
And why is she sitting on the cold concrete to sew? No idea.


  1. My prayers for prudence of health care team and strongest of hopes for simple remedies joining yours. I echo Bl Mother Teresa of Calcutta who offered this voice of peace to all: "Mary, be a mother to (Barbara) now."

  2. Just out of curiosity... How is your protein intake?

    Lots of love and prayers for you,

  3. Janette, you always know just what to say. Thanks.

  4. Jennie,
    I would guess that it's pretty high, at least "normal." I eat quite a bit of fish, some meat, and have at least a yogurt and some milk every day. Probably dairy and fish heavy more than meat. My doctor checked my thyroid because I am on thyroid medicine and she wanted to be sure it wasn't too much, which can cause those symptoms. Does too much or little protein cause problems of this nature?

    Thanks for your prayers. :-)

  5. Praying for an answer to your medical mystery.

    My gardening this year was a dismal failure...except for the marigolds! I've never even planted them before but the children insisted upon it. Too bad marigolds don't taste like tomatoes!

  6. Too little protein might cause such symptoms. It's an easy thing to increase, just to see. If it's a low-protein issue (and I would guess you probably do not get enough on a fish and yogurt diet) you should see correction pretty quickly. I just think so many problems are caused by poor nutrition, and if your doctors can't seem to find anything wrong with you, I'd definitely do some experimenting.

  7. I hope they find an easy answer for you tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and praying.

  8. Prayers coming your way for ANSWERS! Waiting to figure out troubling symptoms is the WORST. Hang in there!

  9. I hope you get some answers regarding your health. Have they checked you for A-Fib? My mom has it and your symptoms are similar. She passed her stress and EKG tests as well. It is too hot to grow anything down here in FL, so I envy those who talk about gardening in the Summer. We plant in March and enjoy it until Memorial Day. Enjoy the cooler weather while you have it.


  10. Boy I hope there's a simple answer to your racing heart. Something that is temporary or easily fixed. Praying for you! xoxo

  11. Good gravy. First of all, I'm glad you are seeing a doctor and I pray you find out that it's nothing at all serious. Amen, Mother Mary! Second, I have had at least five times, a terrible pain in the center of my chest that if I move a certain way or turn my head, the pain takes the breath out of me. It landed me in the ER last year (June 8) and after making me drink a nasty lydocane/lidocane/numbing agent thing, I still had pain (evidently, that is how they check for ulcers before the endoscopy is scheduled). They couldn't find a thing wrong with me. They guess that it's something like costiocondritis (sp?) which has no cure but Motrin. 800 milligrams and I was rolling fine. But, when I get that pain it is the worst kind of pain. And, scary. Probably not what you have, but it's centralized in one spot (sternum area) so I describe it what I imagine a spear going through that area would feel like.

    You are in my prayers.

  12. I'll be praying for you and your test today.

    The moving thing was funny, because, he probably did so good because you were not there and he wanted to show you he could do it? Pretty cute. Not so cute that you were not feeling good.

    We've had a cool summer here in MN too. So much for global warming, huh? We've only been to the pool like 5 times the whole summer. todays' high is only supposed to be 76. Perfect day indeed.

    (love sleeping in the rain too)

    God bless you, I'll be thinking of you all day--and praying.

  13. Prayers for you, dear friend, and hugs. I too wonder about Atrial fibrillation.


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