Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, July 18, 2013

...and so now what?

A daybook, of sorts, I guess.

In the backyard... 

...hot, hot, hot. Summer finally arrived. I was so watching for storm clouds on the feast of St. Swithin. Just a one-hour storm would have made me so happy, but not to be. We had some big grey clouds, but nary a drop. Now it's mid to high 90s every day and no rain, not a drop, after day-after-day of heavy downpours. I miss rain. You know I love a rainy day. Now we just rotate the sprinklers because I refuse to lose the green lush foliage out there.

This storm swept across the state of Ohio last week. No power outages (at my house), fortunately. I am going to start petitioning St. Swithin daily for just a nice, three-hour rain.

What's going through my mind...

...what to do next? I finished the stole. Big, big, sigh. Yesterday, I took it to the UPS store, all wrapped in tissue and carried ever so careful in. The clerk actually laughed when I asked if I could watch her box it. She thought I was joking. I felt like I was giving her a baby to pack up and ship. Ok, maybe not quite that dramatic, but still. She asked if the normal $100 insurance would cover the contents and I said, "Never. And I have no idea who would remake it if you lost it." She could only promise me that SHE wouldn't lose it. Not very comforting. So, St. Christopher, I am counting on you, man. Please get that precious garment safely to the mama of the sweet young priest who will wear it. Please.

(Sorry, no pictures of the stole until the mama and Father see it.)

Which brings me to "what next?" I have some chapel veils that I finished yesterday to pack up and mail (they are almost on their way, Kara), then I have 14 scapulars to embroider (and I am way behind), seven St. Michael chaplets to make (all identical -- urg), three Seven Sorrows Chaplets to make, bedding for those two doll beds, still (I think Faith will be ready to give away the beds by the time she gets the bedding), a few blouses to make for Faith, a few skirts for me, and a chain rosary class to teach next week.

And then next Friday our pastor is coming to bless our house, so I guess I better get cleaning.

I really have no business blogging.

Such a pretty half moon in a perfectly clear sky.

Hellooooo, man in the moon. I can almost see you.

In the school room...

...we have five lessons of math left in last year's Saxon book and still it is like pulling teeth every day for Faith to get that book out. She also needs to finish up a little bit of English. I will not call it a year until those lessons are finished.

In the meantime, I am also starting to think about next year. I think I need to mark off an entire week to do lesson plans. This (last) year was a little too loosey-goosey in the lesson plan department and here it is mid-July and we are still finishing math and English.

On the table...

...last night we had a delicious meal of Asian marinated pork kabobs, grilled pineapple, coconut rice and roast asparagus. It was really good, and got rave reviews (well there were only four of us at the table, and all adults, remarkably, but still it was good). Tonight for dinner, I have no idea. I have some very ripe mangoes and peaches, and yogurt, which would be a wonderful dinner if it was just me, but, alas, it is not just me. Maybe Mushroom meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Sarah Bernhardt, the cat.

Today I am wearing...

...a new skirt (newly-made two weeks ago) in reds and yellows, and a yellow v-neck top, sandals. It has been one year since I began wearing skirts. I have not worn pants since. I don't think I ever will again, even if my nerve pain goes away.

A glimpse at my new floor.

Prayers sent heavenward for...

...my husband and children
...my cousin Amy, due August 26, but who has gestational diabetes (Amy is so tiny I don't know how that baby is going to stay inside her mama full-term)
...Sarah, who is having two boys today (yeah for boys!)
...Gina, recovering from reconstruction surgery and needs to stay moving slowly.
...our priests and religious
...all the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, for a change of heart

Quote of the day....

"Brother, if you commit a sin and take pleasure in it, the pleasure passes but the sin remains. But if you do something virtuous even though you are tired, the tiredness passes but the virtue remains."


  1. Weee!!!! So excited for the veils to arrive:))))

    The floors look great too!

    God Bless you and yours, Kara

  2. Your floor is beautiful! And you sound oh, so busy! My days are different the past two weeks. Little George has graduated and left us for Montessori preschool...so my sweet boy and my income are no longer here! (I miss both!) Gah!!! I've been enjoying getting re-aquainted with my local grocery stores. (My hubby had been doing the majority of the grocery shopping.)

  3. Thanks, Kara. And keep your eyes open for the package in a few days!

  4. Thanks, Cheryl. I like the floor. It's easy on the eyes and easy to clean! I hope you can do some sewing now that you have time on your hands. You could come and help me embroider scapulars. It would be a lot more fun with you here!

  5. So glad to see the floor turned out perfect!

    I love your fat cat..my cats are so skinny and bony. Could just rub and rub that tummy all day. Can you tell I am a cat person?

  6. While the cat is not quite as fat as she looks -- the butterscotch fur on her belly is longer than the fur on the rest of her body -- she does have a bit of a paunch. She loves to eat, something the vet said probably has to do with being abandoned and hungry. Maybe someday soon she'll realize she isn't going to starve. In fact, yesterday she ate two 20-inch lengths of scapular ribbon. I have no idea why. Now I'm praying she doesn't get a blocked intestine! Ugh!

  7. I love that quote! Need to post that somewhere in my house...


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