Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, June 25, 2012


Outside my window... ...Sunny, cool and breezy -- it's gorgeous out

I am thinking...
...about that number. 50. That's me today. I never really think too much about age. It's just a number. But I have to admit that I liked that forty something number better.

I am thankful for...
...friends and family. They had a surprise party on me Saturday evening. Dear friends gave up their evening to me and family travelled from Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Maryland.

 And yesterday I had a nice, relaxing dinner at my in-laws.

From the lesson plans...

...free day today I think. Then back to math and reading and prep for CAT tests.

From the kitchen...
...I think I would like a fruit tart today. Maybe some steak and potatoes, and roasted asparagus for dinner.

I am wearing... 
...a light blue, linen skirt and a navy blouse.

I am creating... 
...over the weekend I made 11 scapulars  and six glass bead rosaries for Father to distribute. Today I will work on a couple of St. Michael chaplets and maybe a nightgown for Faith. Fabric arrived on Friday and I already whipped up two skirts for myself.

I am planning... 
...not a thing today. Other than being 50. I guess I'm planning to be 50. 

I am reading (listening) to...
...The People of the Book, but I just started it so I have no opinion yet. 

I am hoping...
...that I get my back fixed. I went to the doctor and found my hips are rotated unevenly (totally my words, not hers). Apparently the uneven rotation is causing stress on the muscles and ligaments and that causes pain. I have bursitis as a result.

I either need to have her manipulate them (she's a DO and can do that herself) and have therapy to strengthen the muscles, or go to therapy and have them manipulated. Either way I don't think it's going to be a party.

I am hearing...

...Faith watching Pokemon. It's back. Or maybe it never went away and she just discovered it. Fortunately she watches very little TV.

Around the house...
...laundry today. There's always laundry. But that's all I think for today. The weather will make the laundry a pleasant task and will get me outdoors.

I am going...
...out to lunch with my Joshua. He has to work later so he offered to take me to lunch.

 I am praying for... 
...my children, and my husband.

...two soldiers in Afghanistan

...our priests and all religious

...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week

For the rest of the week...
...school and home...my vocation.

...stitching and beading

...getting into a good schedule now that dance camp is over and we have an unscheduled summer ahead

A photo or two...
...of the gorgeous flowers my girlfriend brought to my party.


  1. Well, I guess mis-rotated hips is better than cancer or rheumatoid arthritis. :-) At least it's fixable, right?

    Happy day to you!

  2. Yes -- definitely better than an alternative. And fixable. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a blessed and peaceful day.

  4. Happy birthday, birthday buddy! I'm so glad the celebrated you! You are worth celebrating! What good friends and family you have. You know, I get a lot of bursitis pain in my right hip when I wear bad shoes or go barefoot for too long. I wonder if it's the same problem.

  5. Happy birthday to one of my very favorite internet friends - and one I would dearly love to meet in real life. Wish I could bring you something yummy or beautiful today, but instead I will say some prayers for you. I'm so glad you had such a nice weekend!

  6. Happy birthday, sweet lady! I'm so happy they had a party for you; you deserve one since you're always doing something for someone else.

    Boo on the bursitis! I have that, too, evidently, and I'm not liking it.

    You're a sewing beast! I don't know how you whip up all that stuff so fast.

  7. Fear not my 50 something girlfriend, for 50 is the new 40! Happy Blessed Birthday to YOU! LOVE how you had a party with all those lovely flowers gifted your way, so deserved of all the loving. When I turned 50, it felt like 80, LOL, because my mother brought along their golden 50th anniversary decorations beforehand to secretly place around my home. That felt odd, and so old, but I feel like it's really only a number too. We're as young as we feel, right? Wishing and praying your day is just great. Like YOU! <3 Many hugs dear sweet friend.

  8. Happy Birthday to you! The flowers are so puuurty.

    I hope you celebrated in a big way!

  9. Happy Birthday! May your day be wonderfully delightful.

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday, Dear Sweet Friend!!! So happy to have you with me in the 50's club! Yes, the number takes some getting used to...I honestly don't know what 50 or 51 (in my case) is supposed to *feel* like...as I still feel 28! ;) And yes the hip thing sounds painful...prayers for you as they fix it up.

  11. Thanks, Charlotte. That's interesting about the shoe connection. I have been wearing sandals I bought at Kohls (two colors, same shoe) and have been surprised that my feet haven't been hurting at all. I usually need more support, but I gambled on a not-so-expensive style. I wonder...
    I really notice the hip pain after running errands. I think the twisting motion of getting in and out of the car really creates problems.

  12. Aimee, you really know how to make an old girl feel good. ;-)

  13. Oh, Sara. Sorry you have it, too. The doctor prescribed naprosyn and it has helped. She also suggested I get a steroid shot in my hip. Ouch. I am holding off on that to see if the naprosyn works well enough. I'm just using OTC strength twice a day.

  14. Thank you, Renee. I'll remember that -- 50 is the new 40, 50 is the new 40, 50 is ...


  15. Cheryl, dear, I'm so glad to be in a club with you!

  16. Anne, and Nancy, and Jenny,
    Thanks so much for your nice birthday wishes!

  17. Happy Birthday, Barbara!! Wishing you a very blessed new year—new decade!—of life, love, joy and peace!! So glad to know you! You are a blessing!!! xoxo

  18. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you will be feeling better soon--may you have the blessings of health & happiness in the year to come.

  19. Many happy returns of the day!

  20. Hi Barbara,

    Happy 50th Birthday!!
    I am not far behind you as I will reach that number in September.

    Let's fear not and rally forward!

    As always love reading your blog.


  21. Barbara, I hope you have such a lovely day. Happy Birthday! You are in my prayers. : )

  22. Barbara - You and your sweet spirit shine through everything you post. You are as beautiful as those birthday flowers, and I hope your day was, too! Happy Birthday!!! -- Rosemary

  23. Happiest of Birthdays to you! I hope this is your best year yet!


  24. Happy, Happy Birthday to dear Barbara!!

    I like what Carol said: "Let's fear not and rally forward!," as I'll join you in October. Sounds like a great frame of mind.

    Wishing you love and laughter, joy and peace throughout the year.

    Blessings today and always~

  25. Happy, Happy Birthday Barbara! I hope you're still celebrating! Like Sara said, it's so nice they gave you a party as you are always doing so many lovely things for others, always giving of yourself. The flowers are beautiful! Hope you're feeling better soon, and celebrate for at least an octave!

  26. Happy birthday Barbara!!! God bless you in a special way:~D

  27. Happy birthday Barbara!!! My computer is about to crash, we got a sloooow virus and it's slowly taking away things...yesterday I couldn't leave a comment, it bothered me so much I laid awake last night, thinking about you and was worried you'd have hurt feelings that I didn't give you birthday wishes....

    Old ladies are like that.

    hee heee! Just kidding. (about the old lady part)

    God bless you, I prayed for you

  28. Oh, I love the new picture you have of yourself, it's beautiful.

  29. Oh, my goodness!!! Happiest birthday wishes to you, Barbara!! If you were on Facebook I totally would have said this to you on time! LOL, FB gives you updates on your friends' birthdays. ;)

    How wonderful that you got a surprise party with a bunch of family and friends! Even from out of town! I've always wanted a party like that. I'm just turning 36 this year, so it's no big whoop anyway. God bless your 50th year. We're all so blessed by you. God love you.


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